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Water Lilies


From the series: Garden of Henri


With every print sold, Henri will donate an extra €10 to the Red Cross, in addition to Paper Pictures' donation.



12x 30x20 cm

7x 45x30 cm

5x 60x40 cm

Printed on Barytha paper + 1 cm witrand

Delivered with a numbered and digitally signed certificate of authenticity


"In March 2020, the world closed for everyone. After my divorce, I no longer had a house and was stuck in my garden. I only saw my daughter and my ex-husband occasionally, otherwise it was quite lonely. All assignments had disappeared. There was only one thing to do: make the best of my garden and its surroundings.


The most beautiful plants turned out to be growing under my feet. Instead of perceiving them as a backdrop, I started to delve more into nature. I now leave nettles for the peacock eye, I let grass grow longer for biodiversity, these water lilies provide hiding places and limit the warming of the water. The wonderful indispensable world of the functions of all plants has begun to unfold."


Henri Blommers (Amsterdam) is an autonomous image maker who combines digital and analog images with other techniques such as collage and stitching. During the development of film, he intervenes by adding botanical or chemical ingredients in different phases. He creates a surreal sanctuary full of bright colors, based on contemporary social themes such as the impact of plastic, loss of biodiversity, sea level rise and the digitalization of our lives.


His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and reached the final of the Lensculture Art awards in 2023 and last year won the Denis Roussel award for innovations in analogue photography. He also works as a volunteer on various LGBTIQA+ projects such as Hello Gorgeous magazine, where he has been trying to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV as an image editor and creator for more than ten years.




Henri Blommers – Water Lilies

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