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7x 30x45 cm

3x 40x60 cm

Printed on Fine Art Baryta paper + 1 cm white border

Delivered with a numbered and digitally signed certificate of authenticity




In the middle of a sunflower field. So that you can be who you are. And who you want to be. Empathy as an embrace, a nurturing, by others but especially by yourself.


Carla Kogelman is a storyteller. In addition to her fascination with theater, art, culture and sports, she focuses her lens mainly on ordinary people in their own familiar environment. As an artist (with photography as a medium) she is looking for who they are and their identity. Photographing their surroundings helps with this. She finds it valuable to be able to meet people and get close so that a bond is created. Mutual trust produces intimate images. The portraits are an illustration of daily life and depict emotion and how people approach life.


Leading themes in her work are resilience, involvement and emotion. There are often several photos that form a group. Sometimes there is even a chronological series. There is always a narrative. Her presence is not noticeable in the photos.


She enjoys working on long-term projects. The themes often take place at the border between culture and/or identity. From young to old. From white to black and everything in between. And of diverse gender identities. The world is constantly moving and so are the people who live in it. For some time now she has been working not only with images but also with text. Even more than an image, text provides interpretation and direction to the theme and to the individual.


She has received great (inter)national recognition for her work, including numerous prestigious awards. Including 2 x first prizes at World Press Photo (2014 – observed portraits and 2018 long term projects) and 12 x prizes at the Zilveren Camera.




Carla Kogelman – SONNE

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