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Night Walk



With every print sold, Bebe will donate an extra €50 to the Red Cross.



12x 20x30 cm

10x 30x40 cm

5x 60x70 cm

Printed on Fine art Baryta Hahnemühle paper + 1 cm white border

Delivered with a numbered and digitally signed certificate of authenticity


"During a warm night, I could not sleep and decided to take a walk. It was so quiet that I could hear the wind gently through the streets. The city was asleep. I always found the night magical, because a whole other life takes place there. The darkness makes all less recognizable. Suddenly I heard very soft creaks and saw two big cats on my left. The cats stopped for a moment and looked in my direction, as if they knew they had been noticed. They had deep, expressive eyes that seemed to say they felt safe in my presence. I stayed still and found it extraordinary to see that the cats were truly out and about with the two of them. The night was theirs and I was allowed to be a spectator of their adventure. Empathy is not limited to humans; it is a feeling that all living beings share. The cats continued on their walk afterwards."


Bebe Blanco Agterberg (b.1995) is a visual storyteller based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She examines history and the reliability of the image in the post-truth era, which forms a gray area where fact and fiction live close to each other. This is the area where Agterberg positions herself.


The projects she makes explore the relationship between politics, media and citizens. How these three opponents feed each other, need each other, but also exist in a constant power struggle.

Her visual language is based on what she sees in the media and she is specifically interested in what has been manipulated.


Agterberg uses artificial light in order to give a cinematic feeling to the work, which is based on emotions that tries to lure its audience into believing what is created in front of them. In her work she takes on the role of a director that investigates what truth means in modern times.


Agterberg graduated with honors from The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague and is the sixth recipient of the Florentine Riem Vis Grant which resulted in an exhibition in 3H in Foam. She is also a member of Futures, a Europe based photography platform that brings together the resources and

talents of 14 cultural institutions.




Bebe Blanco Agterberg – Night Walk

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