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Twirl for me

Amsterdam, 2019



10x 20x30 cm

8x 30x45 cm

5x 50x70 cm

Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper + 1 cm white border

Delivered with a numbered and digitally signed certificatie of authenticity


"Twirl For Me came as an unexpected celebration of self-compassion and acceptance during a warm spring afternoon back in 2019. This image is part of a series of still life compositions captured in my first Amsterdam apartment. During this time, I pressured myself to create meaningful photographs, as I was torn between which direction to take with my art as the last months of university were approaching. The strawberry symbolizes the will to create something beautiful, and it is clutched by my wrist, which is required to apply just the right amount of pressure to balance the red fruit without squeezing it."


Alice Angelini (b. 1997, Italy) is a photographer based in Amsterdam. In her images, Alice takes from the familiar feel of film photography and depicts her subjects with a nostalgic undertone. Her work is grounded in the interaction of color, texture, and composition in still life. Through a clean and minimalistic approach, she explores the overlooked and the beauty that is found in everyday moments, building a strong visual connection between the here and now. Alice is also the co-founder of bis bis, a creative studio specialised in food and what revolves around the table.




Alice Angelini – Twirl for me

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