Mynah singing - the star




10x 30x40 cm

5x 60x80 cm

Printed on Canson Infinity Fiber Rag paper + 1 cm white border

Delivered with a numbered and digitally signed Certificate of Authenticity


This picture is part of the project 'The Migrant'


In The Migrant, Anaïs López tells the turbulent life story of Mynah. The bird, a member of the starling family, originally came from Java (Indonesia) and was brought to Singapore at the beginning of the twentieth century as a coveted exotic show animal. Today, this feathered friend is vilified, exiled, and even killed. The Migrant is the remarkable life story of a bird, in which larger themes such as the difficult relationship between man and animal, the consequences of rapid urban development, and the position of the unwelcome alien come together.

The Migrant is a transmedia project developed in cooperation with producer Prospektor.


Anaïs López is a photographer and storyteller who works with still and moving images. She works as an independent photographer and creates long-term projects. Anaïs López is a true storyteller and this is also reflected in her work. She is seen as a pioneer in the field of photography and uses multimedia on different levels. Her work has won many awards in recent years. Her latest project 'De Migrant' was nominated for a Golden Calf and won two other prestigious prizes: the Dutch Director Guild Award for best digital storytelling and the Zilveren Camera for best storytelling. Her latest artist's book also won the prize for the best self-published book at Photo España and the bronze medal for the best book (worldwide) at the Leipzig Book Fair.




Anaïs Lopez – Mynah singing - the star